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Singam - II Review

ஓடாதீங்க.சுட்டுபுடுவேன்.இந்த ஆங்கில விமர்சனம் பரி'சோதனை' முயற்சிதான்.  படிச்சிட்டு சொல்லுங்க Folks:

தமிழ் விமர்சனம் படிக்க க்ளிக் செய்க:

சிங்கம் - II   தமிழ் விமர்சனம்


'Excuse me bro. Am new to the city. What's the easy way to reach gemini bridge from here(DMS bus stop)'.

'Just note down. Cross the road and take a share auto. get down at teynampet signal. Catch 23C bus and get off from it once you reach SIET college. Make a call to your parents and say 'take care'. Ensure that you do not pose like a stranger. Wipe off 'vaale, pole' from your memory and pronounce the words 'thala DMS variyaa, 100 rs romba ovarnaa'. Buy a boomer in a petty shop near DMS. Walk straight for few minutes. Must keep an eye on those who whizz past you in a bolero or Tata sumo. You will be in gemini within a couple of minutes. safe journey dude'

'Thats so nice of you thala. Anyway may I know your good name anna?'


Yes. Hari is back with same old 'mas(s)'ala formula by joining hands with supercop Surya for the extended version of Singam. It is an acid test for both because the success rate of sequel movies in kollywood(especially for mass heroes) is too less by far. Then how about this one. the much awaited sequel. Here we go...

The story unfolds from here: After resigning from the ACP post, Surya works as a NCC leader in Tuticorin. Undercover police Surya inspects all the illegal activities along the coastal city in a silent mode/mood. At one (gun)point of time Duraisingam cracks the nexus between Sagayam, Bhai, Thangaraj and international drug smuggler Danny. Now its time for Singam to take charge as DSP since things are going out of control in the port city. From thereon  the director's typical marathon chase begins. Hari take us to a whirlwind tour in various vehicles. To make a (sea)change from his earlier film car chases,  Hari manages to import a couple of ships and boats from the producer's pocket. 

We know that with his fiery eyes Surya was all set and fit for a heavy duty sequel. As expected the steamy hero successfully delivers it. As a kind son to his parents, within-the-limit lover boy and a roaring cop...this pocket dynamite explodes on the screen and pierces straight in to the audience's heart. The scene in which he explains Hansika about his 'pure for sure' love with Anuska is heart touching. 

It is a bit hard to digest to watch Hansika as a schoolgirl. But stills she deserves some appreciation for her no nonsense screen presence combined with an ounce of acting too. Hari offers nothing to Anuska to show off her acting skills except a glamour song or two. On the comedy part, Vivek is totally sidelined by Santhanam this time. As usual Santhanam steals Goundamani's comedy dialogues and serves them in his own(!) style. Few of Santhanam's ROFL lines: Ivanoda budhdhi koormaikku bodhi dharmare bouequet thandhaalum aacharyam illa. (It won't be a surprise if bodhi dharma offer him a bouquet for his smart act(Surya). enna nallaa paathu kittaa unga veetla gajalakshmiye vandhu gangjam dance aaduvaa (If you(Surya's family members) treat me well, lord gajalakshmi will perform gangnam style here).  

Scope for senior artists like Radha Ravi, Manorama and Thalaivaasal Vijay are very minimal. Out of the four villains Rahman stands tall. He simply fits into the tailor made role. But Rajendran(Naan Kadavul fame), Mukesh Rishi and the freshly imported 'African-Ayyanaar' Danny's performances are just average. Surya makes all of his inter-country flight trips only through 'spice jet'. Still guessing which TV will hold the satellite rights for this? Come on my Sun Son.

The another DSP(Devi Sri Prasad) of the film fails to impress the audience with his mediocre BGM and below par tunes in song sequences. He firmly stands between express speed screenplay as a giant speed-breaker. From the first (Anjali item) song to the last one, DSP guarantees 100% cheers to the canteen owners. I hardly remember even a single line after making an exit from the lion's cage. The fire-cracking stunt scenes and camera work deserve a special mention. 

It's indeed a old wine in a new bottle. But it will surely fulfil the mass movie fans' appetite. If it was Dabangg that brought back the mass audience to the theatres when the hindi people start recognising class films like Dev D, Kaminey, Ishqiya etc..Then it is going to be the same story  for Singam-II too. Bring on 'Pizza' kinda flix and more from kodambakkam. You are most welcome. But the dinner always ends with our own veechu parotta like Singam.

Just like paruthi veeran that opened the flood-gates for madurai based blood(y) films, The success of Singam - II will make way for tsunami of sequels from the megastars. Thuppakki -2, Baashaa - 2 and even Alex pandian -2... all the possibilities are out there. Fasten your seat belts to face the sequences of the sequels!!

Singam II - Spice Jet



Unknown said...

ஏன் இந்த கொலைவெறி, இதுக்கு தனிவெப்சைட் நடத்தலாமே. நாங்கல்லாம் 9 வகுப்புல Hyena Essayவையே தமிழிஷ்ல எழுதுவய்ங்க, எங்ககிட்டேயே பீட்டரா

படிச்சி முடிச்சிட்டம்ல, ஆனா ஒன்னும் புரியல

பால கணேஷ் said...

Did you expect anything else from Anushka? ha.. Ha... I don't expect anything except glamour from her? Pure maidamavu as school girl? Oh, God... Save us!

But, Dear Madras Bhavan Owner, if my memory is correct, Hari finished his singam movie as Surya and Anushka as couples and they went towards thoothukudi. In this Second... as you mentioned they are not married. Why this confusion Dr?

Surya Prakash said...

Nice anna,, Singam 3 vera edukkurenu rendu perum sonnanga,,

நாங்களும் எழுதுவோம்ல :)

Unknown said...

என்னடா இங்க ஜிலேபிய பிச்சு போட்ருகாங்க

Robert said...

Nice review. fantastic... keep it up ///இப்புடி எல்லாம் சொல்ல ஆசைதான். ஆனா பொய் சொல்ல மன்ஸ் வரல்லே.... நீங்க பாட்டுக்கு இங்கீலீசுல எழுதி எங்களுக்கு பீதியை கெளப்புறேளே!!!!!!!!

Robert said...

a old wine in a new bottle// புது மொந்தையில பழைய கள்ளு...இதுதான் தல நல்லாருக்கு.....ஏதோ சொல்றத சொல்லிட்டோம்..

ஜோதிஜி said...

தம்பி நீங்க தி ஹிண்டு தொடங்குற காமதேனு பத்திரிக்கைக்கு ஏன் போகாம இருக்குறிங்க?

திண்டுக்கல் தனபாலன் said...

நல்லது...! நன்று...!! நன்றி...!!! said...

கடஸியா, சன் டீவிலே பட்த்த போட்டாலும் பாக்காதேன்னு சொல்லவறே!
அப்டீதானே நைனா?
ஏதோ நான் பிரிஞ்சிகிட்ட இன்கிலிபீஸ் கண்ணு...

செங்கோவி said...

நல்லாத்தாம்யா இருக்கு..கீப் இட் அப்!

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